Summer Solstice 2015


Summer Solstice was confusing to me as a kid. How could it be the start of summer and now the days are going to start getting shorter??? I mean, we just got out of school! Shouldn’t the longest daylight of the year happen in the middle of summer? What’s up with this solstice thing?

As a kid I wanted more “endlessness” in the endless summer. I loved those long days. The magic of roaming the forested hills where I grew up. Days bright and dry enough that we could muster the courage to venture into the dark cave at the old quarry (even if it was absolutely forbidden). Crab apple fights with the kids across the way and the winner gets to occupy the treehouse-fortress. At least until sunset, which felt so far away in the timelessness of those summer days.

Adventure, discovery and possibilities were woven into those days. I’m hungry for more of that in the bright summertime days ahead.

And that’s what I want to leave you with today – the ordinary and simple language of childhood adventure that evokes the awe and possibility of this warm and bright season ahead.

Happy adventuring in the realm of possibility!


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